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CBR650R – CBR500R – CB650R NEO SPORTS CAFÉ – CB500F – CB500X


Sleek, urban design for a modern lifestyle. 
The adrenaline hits the moment you set eyes on the CB650R Neo Sports Café. You feel your desire take hold. Anticipation rushes through you. This is a bike that delivers excitement and inspires you to push your limits. With compact, retro-minimal Neo Sports Café styling, full LED lighting, an addictive four-cylinder engine, and a sharp-handling chassis, it's flawlessly designed and impressively equipped. Take the CB650R on a ride today to experience the perfect combination of power, style, and performance.


Chase the rush of the racetrack. 
The engine roars as you tear down the tarmac, leaning into corners and weaving through curves. Whether you're cruising through city streets or ripping up the racetrack, the CBR650R gives you an exhilarating kick. The four-cylinder engine delivers intense power, and the sharp-handling chassis keeps you in control. Honda Selectable Torque Control maintains rear wheel traction to enhance stability, and Showa SFF USD forks ensure superior suspension response. Modern full LED lighting and a digital LCD display enhance the bike's hard-edged RR sports style. This is a bike built for competition, and you're a born competitor. Make every ride a race with the CBR650R.


Everyday racetrack style. 
If you're passionate about racing, you know that there's nothing like the exhilaration of the racetrack. The CBR500R, with its bold, ultra-aggressive design and powerful parallel twin-cylinder engine with Assist/Slipper Clutch, lets you enjoy the thrill that you're dreaming of with an A2 licence. Inspired by the CBR1000RR Fireblade, this bike has racing in its DNA. High-speed manoeuvrability has been optimised, and the muffler is tuned to produce an exhilarating exhaust note. Full LED lighting provides superior illumination, and a clear negative-display LCD dash makes it easier than ever to check all your stats on the go. Live fast with the CBR500R.


A bike for urban exploration. 
Experience the city like never before. The CB500X has the strength and agility to take on the excitement of the dynamic concrete jungle. Its compact crossover form merges tough construction with an aggressive stance, giving you a bike with off-road capabilities and urban style. A parallel twin-cylinder engine with Assist/Slipper Clutch delivers easily manageable power that won't disappoint, and the adventure-ready chassis keeps you secure and comfortable while cruising. Full LED lighting and a new LCD instrument display amplify the bike's contemporary edge. There are adventures waiting just outside your door. Rediscover the city today on the CB500X.


Raw, stripped-down, fierce. 
A sharp, fresh aesthetic; an efficient, compact design; street fighter style—the CB500F is an updated roadster with modern appeal. The minimal, clean lines show off the parallel twin-cylinder engine. Full LED lighting and an LCD instrument display pump up the modern aesthetic. The muffler has been tuned to produce a quintessential crisp exhaust note. This bike has everything you need and nothing that will slow you down. It's an instant classic. Get the pure motorcycle experience with the CB500F.